Advent Laptop 6520 review

Welcome to Cheester's Advent 6520 review. This page is about the Advent 6520 series laptop I bought on 5th January 2002 from PCWorld, my experiences with it, good and bad. At the foot of the page you can also download the vga graphics, sound, modem, onboard lan drivers.

Advent 6520 Laptop Computer Specifications:

    CPU Intel Celeron 1.2GHz
    Motherboard Mobo
    Memory 512MB SDRAM
    Hard Drive 30 GB (removable)
    CD Drive Matshita UJDA 710 Combo drive (Internal)
    Floppy Drive 1.44mb 3.5" Drive (Internal)
    Screen 15.1" TFT (Native Res.1024x768)
    Video Card SiS 630/730 8Mb Shared + TV Out
    Sound Card SiS 7018
    Speaker Stereo Internal
    PCMCIA Slots 1 Type I or II or III slot
    LAN SiS900 PCI Fast Ethernet
    Modem Smart Link 56k HAMR56-V2.84
    Battery Info Smart Li-ion (Li-Ion)
    IR Port 1 x IR port on right side of case
    Ports 1 x Parallel
    1 x Serial
    1 x P/S 2
    1 x VGA out
    1 x USB
    1 x S-Video
    Made By Gericom: Rebadged as Advent (PCWorld Brand)

I chose this laptop merely due to its specifications, eg the 15" screen, 30gb hard drive and the CD-RW. Also at that particular point in time in my opinion for these specifications it was a bargain GB 1,299.

The only bad thing I can say about the Advent 6520 notebook is the sheer weight of the beast, Approx 3.4kg, quite heavy but well worth it considering its specs at the time of purchase. Also because the processor is a Celeron it lacks the advantages of Intel's Speed Step Mobile technology

The components seem to absorb a lot of power (when running off the battery, you get about 90mins usuage). The system fan seems to situated in an awkward position and tends to overheat if the notebook is placed on an uneven surface. (one of the ducts is underneath the notebook and the other on side)

XP Home Edition was installed on the notebook however proved to be very instable even when operating the simplest of tasks. Windows 2000 was installed as the alternative OS and is so much more stabler (The system had a drivers cd for other Windows operating system including Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP. - see below if you need or want to download the drivers for the Advent 6520).

Having owned the system for thirteen months now the only complaints I have are a sore back and a slight whirring noise/hammering noise coming from the HD (which started to occur 9 months from date of sale. The HD is a 2.5" Fujitsu which speaks for itself. Replacement HDs can be bought from If one day the HD dies I'll perform surgery on the beast and get it a 60gb. The manual is very clear and concise should you become lost when using the laptop. It has detail instructions on opening the case up, dismantling the keyboard. Only if PCWorld's customer support was written/documentated as well as the manual then the High Street Store would kick some ass.

The Advent is PCWorld's own brand, over the years I have owned several computers and found them to be very reliable. The only thing I dislike about Advent is their assocation with PCWorld. The specifications of the system seem quite reasonable, more often than not value for money and also very robust/reliable. This does not mean that I am recommending PCWorld's services, the only reason I buy from there is because when components fail I can easily replace the parts from mail order company.

    When buying a computer from PCWorld its best to take a friend/colleague that know their stuff as PCWorld sales staff often do not understand the needs and requirements of the user. In most instances PCs are used for emailing, word processing, yet the staff recommend the top of the range systems sometimes costing 1,500 when a just as capable pc on their shelves can be bought for 600 or less and do just as good a job.

    Personally I cringe when I am on the premises and sales staff point newbies to the most expensive system. I find this extremely bad practice and a lot of high street stores are guilty of this.

    I also find sales staff do not understand what the computers offer and often when explaining stuff to the public they baffle them with terms which in my opinion they do not understand themselves.


A good decent notebook, at the time of writing, great value for money, very robust, good documentation and software package. The only critism is its weight and lack of technical support from PCWorld when emailing them technical questions. I have emailed them three times without no response on any of the occasions, however upon persistency I have managed to solve the problem myself.

If you would like more information on the Advent series laptops/notebooks visit UKTSupport or PCServiceCall. If you need any assistance with your Advent laptop.notebook or desktop computer you can post questions on my advent support forum (link provided below) and I will see what I can do regarding locating the drivers. If you do need help the most important details I need is the make and model of the computer/laptop and the operating system that you need the drivers for.

Also I have an unofficial advent support forum due to the millions of email requests in my email inbox. Visit the unofficial Advent Support Forum where you can post your queries etc.

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