Advent laptop 6520 notebook replacement hard drives

If you own an Advent 6520 and wish to change the hard drive for it for one reason or another here is the instructions on how to go about it.

Note: taking the case of the laptop will void your warranty.

Firstly turn your Advent 6520 laptop/notebook upside down as shown on the diagram below
Advent 6520 laptop replacement hard drives

Then you need to unscrew the screw that the screwdriver is pointing at as shown below
change laptop hard disk

Remove the plastic plate, and you will see this
blanking plate

Next you will need to unscrew the two screws on the right. Then lift this part carefully out
laptop dismantaling the case

and turn over.. and you will see the hard drive.
note hard drive
Now the most important part before ordering a new hard drive you need to read the actual specification ie measurements/dimension of the existing harddrive as 2.5 inch drives come in many shapes and sizes. When you have made a note of this go and order your new drive from, they sell 40 gig and 60 gig as at time of writing.

The most important dimension to worry about is the height of the new drive, this has to be exact or else the new drive may not fit in the bay. And that is all there is to it. Install new drive as normal and voila. Back up all your data before hand though especially my documents, favourites, emails, program file settings and list of passwords etc to get on your favourite sites.

Good luck

If you need any further information post a message on my Unofficial Advent Support Forum

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