Advent 6520 & TV out via S-Video on Microsoft Windows 2000

If you own the Advent 6520 and want to watch DVDs on TV via your laptop/notebook you need to buy a S-Video lead or equivalent depending on what sockets your TV has. My TV has S-Video so I will explain how easy it is to perform this step.

So I've established what socket my TV has and needed to buy a S-Video lead, I bought a gold plated 2m lead from Panasonic off the High Street for GB£12. You could probably buy a similar cable elsewhere for cheaper, try Dabs or Maplins. Panasonic were very good, just in case the cable wasn't the right type they asked me to keep the receipt in case I needed to change it.

Anyways enough of the waffle, make sure you have the VGA utility installed on your computer for the SiS630 (if not then download the VGA utility here. Plug the S-Video lead into your laptop/notebook and the other end into the TV socket, reboot the laptop.

    First time round I fluffed up and did not read the manual and wondered why I was getting no signal to the TV, then I consulted the manual that accompanied the laptop and Lo and Behold the instructions explain how to do this very clearly. If you are lazy like me then the rest of the page will show you how to do it. Irrelevant fact: Did you know that 90% of blokes do not read manuals before launching themselves in operating the damn things - lol - can you blame me when the manual was the size of the bible.

When you operating system boots into Windows, then go and look in the taskbar for the SiS icon sis icon right click on it and you get this menu;
sis icon utility

Select Display Setting and you will now get a new window popping up looking like this
sis driver setup

To get the signal to the TV select TV (LCD is the laptop) and thats it. Mission completed

To revert back to laptop just go through the above steps and select LCD. Good luck and hope you have fun, if you need any assistance email me

Some users may need a s-video composite convertor if when viewing on tv the picture is in black and white. Basically this cable is s-video plug one end, and on the other end is three other leads, one coloured red, white (audio) and the yellow lead for the video

I've been informed by a work colleague that the Sony centre on certain UK high streets sell this svideo composite cable.

Further reading,24330,3344179,00.html Laptop DVD to TV: Use your laptop to watch DVDs on your TV. By Greg Melton

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