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Important Dates
First Date: May 12, 1999
Engagement: April 18, 2003
Wedding: August 29, 2004

About Us
Chee is a 27 year old internet marketing consultant for Panlogic Ltd.
Kim is a 24 year old trainee chartered accountant at PRB Martin Pollins.

Together we enjoy cooking, working out, drinking wine and spending time with friends.  We bought a house in Eastbourne in September 2002 and we are still decorating.

We created this website to keep our friends and family current on all our wedding events.  We will be updating this site with pictures and new information as our wedding gets closer.  Thank you for visiting our site and please don't forget to sign our guestbook!  

See you at the wedding!

RSVP 24th July 2004

How We Met
We both went to Loughborough university and had mutual friends.  We had met a few times before but Kim finally fell for Chee's long hair and good looks.  Things just took off from there. The South American sunset above was just off the coast of Margarita, Venezuela.

Make a Donation
As most of you know, Kim suffered from meningococcal septicaemia in 1997. Since then she has made a full recovery and ran the Eastbourne Half Marathon in February 2004 in 1 hour 43 minutes, beating her father by 10 minutes!

If you would like to make a donation to the meningitis trust then please click here.